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When you play Scramble Words, your goal is to find words that will fill in the blank tiles at the top of the play area in the allotted time frame.

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Scramble Words
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If you like Outspell by Arkadium, you're sure to love the updated version called Scramble Words. With a stunning purple background, this fast and fun word finder game utilizes blank tile spelling to go from one level to the next. Play Scramble Words online in your browser any time you want a break or to increase your vocabulary.

Scramble Words Game

When you play Scramble Words, your goal is to find words that will fill in the blank tiles at the top of the play area in the allotted time frame. Once you've found all of the intended words from the provided scrambled letters, you'll move on to the next level. Because you only have 4:40 on the clock in which to finish all four levels, you'll have to scramble to find all of the target words in time.
The developer of this original word scramble puzzle, Arkadium, has created many casual games designed for adults. If you have a Windows computer and play any of the games that come already installed, you've already had a taste of what Arkadium offers.

How to Play Scramble Words

Unscramble letters to fill in the tiles to finish the target words before time runs out. Even if a valid word is not in the target word list, you'll still get credit by filling up the bonus bar.


Playing Scramble Words online is easy as you can use either your mouse or your keyboard. Click on the letters or type them in to create words. Hit enter to submit your words. If you need to remove a letter from the word you're creating, you can click the Undo button to the right of the word or hit the backspace button on your keyboard. To remove all of the letters, click the “X” button at the left of the play area. If you find that you're stuck, you can use the shuffle button at the lower-left corner to unscramble words you may not have seen. There's also a pause button at the top right corner for your convenience.


Step 1

Click on the begin button to start playing this word puzzle.

Step 2

Choose your first letter, and continue to form words.

Step 3

Once you've finished your chosen word, hit enter.

Step 4

Complete the level by finding all of the target words.

Step 5

Finish all four levels within the given time to win the game.

Target Words

Above the word-creation bar, you'll see some blank tiles to show words of various lengths that you need to form. These are the target words that are needed to complete the level. Not every valid word that you create will be targeted, so keep an eye on your word list to see how you're coming along as you're playing this word unscrambler

Bonus Words

When you create words that aren't part of the target word list, these are considered bonus words. The word-creation bar will turn green if you've completed a valid word, and the bonus bar will move up. “Bonus word” will also appear above the bar to let you know if you've successfully completed a word that's not on the target list. If you create a word that's not valid, “wrong word” will appear at the top of the bar.

Time Spent

At the end of each level, a box will pop up that shows your stats for that round. You'll see the time that you spent on that level as well as how many target and bonus words you found. You can keep track of your time while you're playing with the countdown timer at the top right of the play area.


Word length matters as longer words will give you a better score.

Bonus Bar

The bonus bar increases every time you form a valid word. Once the bar has reached the end, a letter will be revealed in the target word list to make it easier for you to find any remaining words.

Scramble Words Tips and Tricks

There are a couple of ways that you can increase your odds of completing the target word list when playing Scramble Words online:

  • If you type good, use your keyboard. Gameplay will go much faster, allowing you to complete more words in the allotted time.
  • The more words you make, the higher your score will be. While you still have to complete all of the target words to move forward, you'll want to create as many bonus words as possible before the level ends.
  • Always keep an eye out for revealed letters in your target word list to see if you can figure out the words more easily.
  • Although you'll want as many bonus words as you can get for a higher score and to expose letters, finish your target words quickly because you have to complete all of the levels in the given time.
  • Because bonus letters will be revealed each time the bonus bar fills up, it's important to keep checking your target word list to complete all of the words to move to the next level.
  • If you're trying to be the ultimate puzzle solver by getting the highest score you can, create words of greater difficulty, such as those with letters like “Z,” “Q,” and “X,” especially as bonus words.