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The Outspell word game has a similar ruleset to Scrabble, so anyone who has ever played that classic word-building board game will feel right at home.

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This online word game from Arkadium is a fresh, exciting new take on Scrabble and Words With Friends. If you enjoy casual activities like Sudoku or crossword puzzles that allow you to challenge your brain, you can't go wrong with this free-to-play game. As a bonus, there is no subscription necessary and no time-consuming download to wait on. Just open your browser, and play instantly.

About Arkadium
You might not realize it, but there's a good chance that you're already familiar with the innovative and popular game catalog of Arkadium. The online game company, started by the husband-and-wife team of Kenny Rosenblatt and Jessica Rovello, is responsible for creating the hugely successful Microsoft Solitaire Collection as well as the newest version of Minesweeper. In addition, Arkadium has a sizable portfolio of fresh and interesting web-based games as well.

How to Play Outspell

The Outspell word game has a similar ruleset to Scrabble, so anyone who has ever played that classic word-building board game will feel right at home.

Even if you are not familiar with the rules of Scrabble or Words With Friends, you will be able to quickly and easily pick up on the rules of this game.


Once the game is loaded in your browser, simply use your mouse or touchpad to move letters into the desired spaces. You can click to choose a letter and then click again to place it, or you can click and drag a letter tile to the desired space.


The menu button allows you to exit the current game, toggle sounds, and access the help menu.


If you are stuck and cannot think of an acceptable word, you can click the shuffle button as many times as you would like. This mixes up your existing tiles, and it can often help you discover a word.


When you are truly stumped, or you have difficult letters to work with, you can click the exchange button to swap your current tiles for different ones. You are allowed to exchange as many tiles as you would like, but remember that this counts as your turn.


If you have placed a word on the board but want to change it, you can click the recall button to quickly replace all of the tiles you used back into your tray rather than selecting them one at a time.


  1. First, choose your level of difficulty. If you want to get a feel for how the game works, you can select the practice mode.
  2. Next, spell your first word horizontally or vertically. Make sure that the letters pass through the center square when making the first move.
  3. The computer will then take its turn spelling a word using at least one adjacent letter from an existing word. As you both use letter tiles from your trays, they will be replenished from the "bag" until none remain.
  4. As you spell words vertically and horizontally, do your best to utilize the red and blue bonus cells to increase your score.
  5. The game ends when all tiles have been used or neither player has a valid move left.

Outspell Game Tips and Tricks

The more that you play this word puzzle game, the more chances you'll have to pick up on little tips and tricks that can be used to gain an advantage or rack up extra points.
Here are a few Outspell game tricks to help you get started:

  • Remember that red and blue bonus cells can be stacked. Blue cells multiply a single letter's value, and red cells multiply the value of the entire word. Once you've placed tiles on these spaces, the letters keep their multiplied value for the rest of the game.
  • If you need help figuring out the best word to spell with your available tiles, click the dictionary button. It allows you to begin typing with your existing letters and automatically creates a list of all acceptable words beginning with those letters.
  • Try to increase your score by building multiple words in a single turn. If your tiles are touching the computer's and spell valid words, all of those points are added to your score.
  • Take advantage of the shuffle feature. Sometimes a high-scoring word is hiding in that jumble of letters, and you just need to scramble them around a few times to find it.

Outspell Word Game Versus Scrabble

While Outspell is certainly similar to the beloved board game Scrabble, they are different enough that players can get excited about this fresh take on a classic.
The biggest difference between the two titles is that players have more opportunities to hone their spelling skills when playing the Outspell word game. The difficulty feature lets players choose their own skill level, and there is no time limit, which gives the game a more relaxed and fun feel.
It's important to note that players are allowed to use the dictionary feature during their turn, which is against the rules in Scrabble. This is helpful for learning high-scoring words to use in future games, and it also eliminates the annoyance of being unexpectedly told that a word is invalid when you play your turn.
If you play Scrabble in person with friends or family, Outspell is a great practice tool. Even if you don't, the laid-back nature of the game makes challenging your skills fun and enjoyable.