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Author: Sarah Perowne

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The word ‘orange’ is infamous in English for being particularly difficult to rhyme with. In fact, some say that there are no words that rhyme with orange. Well, that’s not necessarily true. We’re going to take a look at slant rhymes, synonyms, and rhyming games that will show that fitting orange into your poetic writing isn’t as tricky as it may seem. Let’s go!

what rhymes with orange

Words That Rhyme With Orange: One-Syllable Slant Rhymes

Although the word orange does have a few perfect rhymes, such as sporange (a botanical ingredient) and Blorenge (a mountain in Wales), they don't lend themselves well to poems and sonnets; that's where slant rhymes come in.

A slant rhyme is a rhyming word that doesn't fit perfectly with another word but sounds similar enough to be used in a rhyming context. A slant rhyme, also known as a half rhyme, near rhyme, or oblique rhyme, is officially defined as a set of two words that have only their final consonant sounds in common.

There are a ton of slant rhymes for the word orange, so let's have a look at our favorite one-syllable entries and see what words rhyme with orange.

12 Best Rhymes For Orange

  • Binge - The act of indulging in something for a short period of time.
  • Fringe - Very edge of something or a decorative border.
  • Hinge - A moveable joint seen on doors, gates, lids, or swings.
  • Sponge - An item that soaks up liquid or a marine life organism.
  • Tinge - To color or be colored slightly.
  • Cringe - To find something unpleasant or displeasing.
  • Flange - The part of something that flares out.
  • Lunge - A sudden forward thrust of the body.
  • Plunge - To suddenly drop or fall.
  • Singe - To burn slightly.
  • Change - To make or perceive an alteration in something.
  • Grunge - Dirt, grime, or a style of rock music.

Words That Rhyme With Orange: Two-Syllable Slant Rhymes

Next up, let’s dive into some two-syllable slant rhymes for the word orange.

  • Boring - To be or perceive something as uninteresting.
  • Soaring - Flying at a high altitude.
  • Torrent - Fast-moving or rushing water.
  • Unhinge - To make something unsettled or to be mentally imbalanced.
  • Warrant - A document used by authorities to gain permission.
  • Scavenge - To look for or find particular items.
  • Shortage - To not have enough of something.
  • Warren - A place where small animals live.
  • Challenge - Something difficult to overcome.
  • Storage - A place or position where things are kept.
  • Syringe - A medical instrument used for injections.
  • Pouring - Transferring liquid from one place to another using gravity.
  • Roaring - Used to describe a loud noise.
  • College - An institution of advanced or higher education.
  • Exchange - To trade one particular thing for another.
  • Porridge - A dish containing oatmeal.
  • Expunge - To erase or remove altogether.
  • Four-inch - Describing something that is four inches in length.
  • Portage - to carry something, usually between water sources.
  • Sausage - A food item usually shaped like a cylinder and contains meat.
  • Estrange - To become distanced from something.
  • Forage - To search for food, usually in a wilderness environment.
  • Courage - To have bravery.
  • Derange - To make insane or disturb.
  • Foreign - Someone or something that is from outside one's specific country.
  • Homage - A display of public tribute.
  • Knowledge - To acquire and remember information.
  • Long-range - Something that covers a great distance.
  • Arrange - To place things in order.
  • Cottage - A small house usually found in a country's rural areas.
  • Lozenge - A tablet used in medicine, often round in shape.
  • Mortgage - To borrow funds against the value of something else.
  • Shortchange - to give less of something, usually money, than what is due.

Play Around With Synonyms!

If these slant rhymes don't fit the poetic masterpiece you are crafting, then you can always turn to synonyms. A Synonym is a word or phrase that means the same or nearly the same as another word or phrase. For example, shut and close, or run and sprint.

Orange has a lot of synonyms, so let's take a look at a few.

  • Tangerine
  • Mandarine
  • Satsuma
  • Apricot
  • Salmon
  • Carrot
  • Peach
  • Coral

Rhyming Games

Rhyming can be fun, but it can also take a little bit of practice to get better at.

Here are some of our favorite games to look for words that rhyme with orange or even other rhyming pairs!

Rhyming Name Game: 3 +

Practice rhyming names with random words. They don't have to make sense at the beginning, just as long as you are rhyming and get used to how rhymes work.

Rhyming books

Some books for kids introduce rhyme in a fun and accessible way.

Here are a few options: Revolting Rhymes by Roald Dahl (ages 5-8) and What Rhymes With Me by Webber Books (3-6) or Find The Rhyme Animals by Books For Little Ones. (2-5)

Rhyme Bag: 5+

Have pairs of small objects that fit into a bag. Take out the objects one by one and try to find the rhyming pair. Great for long journeys and at home.

Rhythm Games: 2+

Rhyme is all about rhythm and pace. So, pairing music and rhyming words is a great way to practice. Put on some music and practice saying rhyming pairs out loud along with the beat.

Rap Music: 15+

Rap music is synonymous with rhyme; check out some rap music and see how many rhyming pairs you can find!

There you have it, words that rhyme with orange and if you're in need of some word help again, check out our other articles. We've got plenty to keep you soaring!

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