Words with ATH

A list of all ATH words with their Scrabble and Words with Friends points. You can also find a list of all words that start with ATH. Also commonly searched for are words that end in ATH. Try our five letter words with ATH page if you’re playing Wordle-like games or use the New York Times Wordle Solver for finding the NYT Wordle daily answer.

15 Letter Words
lymphadenopathy35 psychopathology35 sympathomimetic34 encephalopathic33 immunopathology33 mathematization33 pathologization33 phytopathogenic33 bathymetrically32 homeopathically32 pathophysiology32 physiopathology32 sympathetically32 parasympathetic31 sympathectomies31 biomathematical30 catheterization30 hypoparathyroid30 weatherizations30 anthropopathism29
14 Letter Words
leatherjackets33 anathematizing32 weathercocking32 encephalopathy31 phytopathology31 cardiomyopathy30 cytopathogenic30 sympatholytics30 breathtakingly29 empathetically29 mathematically29 pathologically29 phytopathogens29 polyneuropathy29 weatherization29 biomathematics28 paleopathology28 featherbedding27 idiopathically27 telepathically27
13 Letter Words
catholicizing34 breathalyzing33 mathematizing33 pathologizing33 cinematheques32 leatherjacket32 psychopathics31 sympathectomy31 telepathizing31 catheterizing30 anathematized29 sympatholytic29 weathercocked29 anathematizes28 azathioprines28 pathognomonic28 phytopathogen28 psychopathies28 unsympathetic28 bathymetrical27
12 Letter Words
sympathizing34 catholicized31 cinematheque31 sympathizers31 breathalyzed30 catholicizes30 mathematized30 pathologized30 psychopathic30 breathalyzes29 heathenizing29 mathematizes29 pathologizes29 weatherizing29 bathochromic28 bathypelagic28 telepathized28 unfathomably28 anathematize27 azathioprine27
11 Letter Words
empathizing31 sympathique31 sympathized31 sympathizer30 sympathizes30 bequeathing29 catholicize29 breathalyze28 mathematize28 pathologize28 psychopathy28 amphipathic27 bequeathals27 bubblebaths27 bathyscaphe26 bathyscaphs26 bequeathers26 featherback26 heathenized26 psychopaths26
10 Letter Words
sympathize29 empathized28 empathizes27 bequeathal26 bequeathed26 bubblebath26 bathyscaph25 bequeather25 psychopath25 athetizing24 cyclepaths24 heathenize24 polymathic24 weatherize24 babyfather23 cytopathic23 flightpath23 myelopathy23 wrathfully23 bathymetry22
9 Letter Words
empathize26 bequeaths24 cyclepath23 myopathic22 polymathy22 athetized21 hackathon21 athetizes20 cathectic20 fathoming20 polymaths20 sympathin20 walkathon20 bathchair19 bloodbath19 deathblow19 deathcups19 homeopath19 lathworks19 multipath19
8 Letter Words
bequeath23 cathexes20 cathexis20 myopathy20 sympathy20 athetize19 cyathium19 empathic19 polymath19 deathcup18 kathodic18 lathwork18 mudbaths18 pathways18 wrathful18 bathtubs17 birdbath17 boathook17 cathodic17 catholic17
7 Letter Words
bypaths17 empathy17 mudbath17 pathway17 bathtub16 bathing15 bathmat15 bathyal15 cathect15 empaths15 fathoms15 gnathic15 pathing15 sabbath15 spathic15 towpath15 warpath15 breathy14 cyathia14 eyebath14
6 Letter Words
jathas17 bypath16 empath14 fathom14 apathy13 wrathy13 bathed12 heathy12 pathed12 athame11 bather11 bathes11 bathos11 breath11 deathy11 father11 pathos11 scathe11 spathe11 swathe11
5 Letter Words
jatha16 bathe10 baths10 lathy10 maths10 paths10 swath10 wrath10 hatha9 heath9 death8 lathe8 lathi8 laths8 loath8 neath8 snath8 oaths7 rathe7 raths7
4 Letter Words
bath9 math9 path9 hath8 lath7 eath6 oath6 rath6