Words with HIR

A list of all HIR words with their Scrabble and Words with Friends points. You can also find a list of all words that start with HIR. Also commonly searched for are words that end in HIR. Try our five letter words with HIR page if you’re playing Wordle-like games or use the New York Times Wordle Solver for finding the NYT Wordle daily answer.

15 Letter Words
thirstquenching36 thirstquenchers33 megachiropteran29 bloodthirstiest22
14 Letter Words
thirstquencher32 chirographical30 bloodthirstily24 bloodthirstier21
13 Letter Words
chiropractics27 chirographers25 chirographies25 chiropractors24 shirtwaisters18 hirsutenesses17 thirstinesses16
12 Letter Words
chirographic27 chiropractic26 chirographer24 chiromancers24 chiromancies24 thirstmaking24 chiropractor23 bloodthirsty21 chiropodists21 chiropterans21 enchiridions20 shirtsleeved20 shirtsleeves19 shirtlifters18 undershirted18 shirtwaister17 shirtdresses15
11 Letter Words
chirography25 blackshirts24 chiromancer23 whirlybirds23 chironomids21 outwhirling21 brownshirts20 chiropodies20 chiropodist20 chiropteran20 chirurgeons20 shirtmakers20 enchiridion19 nightshirts18 shirtsleeve18 chiralities17 redshirting17 shirtfronts17 shirtlifter17 shirtwaists16
10 Letter Words
chiromancy24 blackshirt23 chirognomy23 chirruping22 whirlingly22 whirlybird22 whirlwinds21 chirimoyas20 chironomid20 whirligigs20 whirlpools20 brownshirt19 chirpiness19 chirurgeon19 sapphirine19 shirtmaker19 thirtyfold19 outwhirled18 enchiridia17 hirselling17
9 Letter Words
acquihire24 camphires20 chiropody20 whirlwind20 chirimoya19 chirruped19 whirligig19 whirlpool19 whirrying19 chirality17 chirpiest17 prehiring17 samphires17 sapphires17 outwhirls16 sephiroth16 thirdhand16 thirstful16 hirelings15 hirseling15
8 Letter Words
chirking20 khirkahs20 camphire19 chirming19 chirpily19 chirping19 chirrupy19 chirkest17 chirrups17 hirpling17 shirking17 whirling17 chirpers16 chirpier16 chirring16 samphire16 sapphire16 whirring16 outwhirl15 thirdman15
7 Letter Words
acqhire21 khirkah19 chirked17 chirker16 chirmed16 chirped16 chirrup16 bichirs15 chirper15 hirpled14 shirked14 whirled14 achiral13 chirred13 hirable13 hircine13 hirples13 menhirs13 shirker13 thirdly13
6 Letter Words
chirpy16 chirks15 bichir14 chirms14 chirps14 whirly14 whirry13 awhirl12 chiral12 hirple12 menhir12 shirks12 whirls12 chiros11 chirre11 chirrs11 hiring11 thiram11 whirrs11 shirty10
5 Letter Words
chirk14 chirm13 chirp13 chiru11 khirs11 shirk11 whirl11 chiro10 chirr10 whirr10 whirs10 hired8 third8 thirl8 hiree7 hirer7 hires7 shire7 shirr7 shirt7
4 Letter Words
khir10 whir9 hire6 thir6