Words with HTS

A list of all HTS words with their Scrabble and Words with Friends points. You can also find a list of all words that start with HTS. Also commonly searched for are words that end in HTS. Try our five letter words with HTS page if you’re playing Wordle-like games or use the New York Times Wordle Solver for finding the NYT Wordle daily answer.

15 Letter Words
draughtsmanship30 lightsomenesses24
14 Letter Words
draughtspeople27 hundredweights27 counterweights26 featherweights26 cruiserweights25 draughtsperson24
13 Letter Words
backstraights27 bantamweights27 draughtswoman26 draughtswomen26 middleweights26 cheesewrights25 merrythoughts25 welterweights24 afterthoughts23 homestraights22 lightsomeness22
12 Letter Words
backdraughts28 heavyweights27 pennyweights26 spaceflights26 landsknechts25 paperweights25 wheelwrights25 lightweights24 candlelights23 downdraughts23 flightseeing23 schoolnights23 forethoughts22 searchlights22 trothplights22 underweights22 dreadnoughts20 sightscreens20 yesternights19 streetlights17
11 Letter Words
prizefights30 rightsizing27 makeweights25 yachtswoman25 yachtswomen25 catchlights24 playwrights24 watchnights24 lightsticks23 millwrights23 nightsticks23 overflights23 shipwrights23 flashlights22 lightsomely22 microlights22 nightscopes22 overweights22 sticktights22 swordfights22
10 Letter Words
jacklights31 cockfights27 backlights25 backsights24 rightsized24 bobweights23 bombsights23 bullfights23 flyweights23 rightsizes23 copyrights22 lamplights22 lightstick22 nightstick22 weeknights22 highlights21 nightscope21 preflights21 downlights20 firefights20
9 Letter Words
rightsize22 beknights21 bunfights21 gunfights20 skylights20 yachtsman20 yachtsmen20 affrights19 catfights19 dogfights19 lightship19 lightshow19 fanlights18 lowlights18 midnights18 penlights18 unweights18 daylights17 gunsights17 lightsome17
8 Letter Words
claughts17 uplights17 bedights16 borschts16 fraughts16 infights16 uprights16 freights15 refights15 sightsaw15 sprights15 thoughts15 delights14 draughts14 droughts14 unsights14 insights13 relights13 sleights13 tonights13
7 Letter Words
klephts17 knights16 wauchts16 blights15 flights15 plights15 waughts15 brights14 frights14 weights14 whishts14 wrights14 heights13 naughts13 noughts13 alights12 borshts12 slights12
6 Letter Words
wechts14 bights13 fights13 mights13 wights13 yachts13 hights12 lichts12 takhts12 aughts11 dights11 lights11 nights11 oughts11 eights10 rights10 sights10 tights10
5 Letter Words