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Crossword Puzzles

A Short History - From Diamond to Store

Although there were similar types of word block puzzles published in British newspapers in the 1800s, the first verifiable American crossword puzzle was published in the New York World newspaper in 1913. A man named Arthur Wynne created it, and it was formatted in a diamond shape. The scattered grid style of puzzles did not appear until about 1920. During the following decade, the puzzles grew in popularity enough that they spread throughout newspapers in the United States and in parts of Europe. The first New York Times crossword was published in 1930. The other notable puzzle publisher was the L.A. Times. Reader's Digest also became known for its puzzles over the years. Many people looked forward to the Sunday paper or certain magazines simply for their crossword puzzles.

Online Crossword Puzzles

After crosswords gained popularity in newspapers, some opportunists started printing entire books of them. Other publishers followed suit, and such books became popular with people of all ages. There are still printed books sold today. Around the end of the 1990s, a few sites published some free puzzles online for fun. More sites appeared as the internet grew. As people became more reliant on touch screens, smartphones and tablets, crossword games appeared in digital download stores. As apps became more widespread, more crossword apps became available. For those who prefer not to use apps or download any software, there are still plenty of online crossword puzzles for free.

Arkadium became a top provider of online crosswords as they started growing in popularity on the internet. Today, it adds several new ones every day. The company was founded in 2001. Arkadium is known for its modern iterations of Solitaire, Minesweeper and many other games. While some games are enjoyable for all age groups, there are a lot of crosswords and other games for people who are 35 or older. With many difficulty levels, themes and styles to choose from, there is no need for enthusiasts to eagerly await the Sunday newspaper as people did in the early days of crosswords.

5 Benefits of Solving Crosswords

In addition to being fun to solve, crosswords have been shown to have these benefits for many people:

  1. Promote social activity
    Many people work together with friends or family members to solve crosswords, which can help establish or maintain social or family bonds.
  2. Improve vocabulary
    Also, many people use crosswords to help kids develop their vocabulary. People who are learning English as a second language can also use them for this purpose.
  3. Maintain cognitive function
    For those who have dementia or another degenerative brain disease, crosswords can help exercise the mind. When combined with medical therapies, crosswords, and other cognitive-friendly games may help slow the progression of a devastating brain disease.
  4. Reduce stress
    Many people use crosswords to help them relax during a break or after a stressful day.
  5. Support mental health
    Additionally, Crosswords are also used by people with depression, anxiety, or mood disorders to give them something positive to focus on. Solving them provides a sense of accomplishment as well.

Thomas Joseph Crossword

This is a good starting puzzle for an adult. The Thomas Joseph Crossword is designed to be challenging and engaging. If you are looking for a puzzle that will not take a long time to complete, this is a good choice. With a well-thought-out structure, there are a few simpler words to help you get anchored into the game and have a few hints about longer words or more challenging prompts.
This puzzle has a type-to-fill format. Simply click a block, type a letter and move forward. You can use the backspace key to erase a mistaken entry. The rebus button lets you enter multiple words into a single cell if you want to try different combinations. If you need to reveal a word, there is an option for that as well. There is a timer option and several other optional settings in the menu section.

Penny Dell Crossword

Penny Dell is a combination of Penny Publications and Dell Magazine. Both were well-known publishers of crosswords, mysteries, and games in past decades. The Penny Dell crosswords are great for beginners or enthusiasts who like to play multiple puzzles at a time. While this puzzle variation is challenging, it is not too difficult for most people to solve with a few hints.
First, you choose the date of the puzzle that you want. New puzzles are added daily, and you can see up to a couple of weeks of puzzles. You can use the arrow keys to change which direction you play. Also, there is a corrective feature that you can turn on to check for errors, and there are two levels of settings to choose from in that feature. You have the option to reveal words or letters. You can save your game to return to it later. Additionally, the rebus feature is available if you want to test multiple letters in a box.

Sheffer Crossword

If you use crosswords to help energize your mind or sharpen it, this is an excellent choice. The crosswords are not too long, and they have just the right balance of challenge and simplicity. Many people use this variation every day, and it is designed to be enjoyable for people of all aptitudes and abilities.
This puzzle also has a type-to-fill format for the boxes. You can pick any daily puzzle from the past couple of weeks. Use the menu to customize the puzzle. For example, you can opt to skip or not skip filled cells, show or remove the timer, and make the arrows change direction. You can save your puzzle if you want, reveal words or letters, and more. Also, if you prefer to write on paper, you can print the puzzle.

Daily Mini Crossword

This is the ultimate easy puzzle for people who have limited time and prefer to finish the entire thing. A mini-puzzle is like a condensed version of a regular crossword. Although the title implies a small size, only the number of boxes is small. If you require large print and boxes, this puzzle has both. In addition to being a great way to jump-start your mind in the morning, this simple puzzle is helpful for polishing your vocabulary.
Like other Arkadium crossword variants, the past couple weeks of puzzles are available. You can customize your experience in the menu section for arrows, timing, and more. Also, you can use the rebus option to enter multiple letters in a cell and the reveal option to see an answer word.

Premier Crossword

If you prefer a cryptic word list that will take hours or days to solve, this crossword is an excellent brain puzzle. It is designed to provide the same complexity and engagement that the tough Sunday newspaper crosswords provide. It is the perfect choice for anyone who is experienced and enjoys the most challenging wordplays.
Unlike many other crossword puzzles on the site, this one is a weekly puzzle. You can choose weekly puzzles for about the past month. If you try different puzzles first, you will notice that Premier puzzles have more words and are more complex. However, there are the same menu features, such as timing, showing arrows, skipping filled cells, and more. Also, you can print the puzzle if you wish.