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Adjectives with Examples For Grade 3+

Homophone examples

Homophones Examples: Learn How to Write Homophones Right

First grade Dolch sight words practice

How To Teach First-Grade Sight Words To Early Readers: Activity Ideas

Kindergarten reading comprehension worksheets level B

Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Leveled Worksheets - B

kindergarten reading comprehension worksheets level C

Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Leveled Worksheets - C

compound nouns

Compound Noun Examples - ELA Classroom

Phrasal verb example

Phrasal Verb Examples - ELA Classroom

verb phrase

What Is a Verb Phrase? With Examples - Language Resources

suffix examples

Suffix Examples And Rules - With Flashcards And Quiz

collective nouns

Collective Nouns: Examples, Sentences And Rules

personification example

Personification: What Is It And How To Use It With Examples

verb examples

Verb Examples: Definition & Common Types in The English Language

capitalization rules

Capitalization Rules & Examples - Punctuation

simile example

Simile Examples: What Are Similes? - Figures Of Speech


Hyperbole: Exaggerating to Tell the Truth

Absolute adjectives and non gradable adjective example

Absolute Adjectives vs. Non-Gradable Adjectives

modal verbs

Modal Verbs In English: Rules and Examples

Words that rhyme with orange

What Rhymes With Orange? What A Challenge! - Rhyming Fun

onomatopoeias examples

Onomatopoeia - All You Need To Know With Examples

Helping verb examples

Helping Verbs: Definition, Types, Examples - Verbs Grammar

plural only nouns

Plural-Only Nouns: Rules and Examples

Reading comprehension for 1st graders

Reading Comprehension For 1st Graders - Quizzes and Flashcards

Positive words that start with a

Positively Awesome Words That Start With A


Symbolism: The Emojis of Literature - Literary Devices Explained

future continuous tense

3 Statements To Use With The Future Continuous Tense - ESL

countable and uncountable noun examples

Uncountable Nouns ELA Guide With Examples

Possessive nouns

Possessive Nouns Guide For Grades 3-5

proper nouns

Proper Nouns: Rules And Examples - Parts Of Speech Explained

demonstrative pronouns

Demonstrative Pronoun Examples For Elementary and Grade 6+

Semicolon list

Semi-Colon Rules & Examples - Punctuation

Past perfect tense examples

Past Perfect Tense Examples and Quiz

Parts of Speech - Adverb

Adverbs and All You Need To Know About Them

kindergarten reading comprehension worksheets

Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Worksheets - Timesavers

2nd grade reading comprehension, reading comprehension for 2nd graders

Reading Comprehension For 2nd Graders - Flashcards & Quizzes

Past perfect continuous tense title

Past Perfect Continuous Tense For 3-6 Graders

descriptive words

Descriptive Words and Describing Words For Grade 6+

order of adjectives

How To Order Adjectives In English - Rules And Examples

Imperatives sentence

30+ Imperative Sentence Examples: Definitions

Transition Words

Transition Words - Definition And Examples


Pronouns With Types of Pronoun Examples - Parts Of Speech