Words with NCY

A list of all NCY words with their Scrabble and Words with Friends points. You can also find a list of all words that start with NCY. Also commonly searched for are words that end in NCY. Try our five letter words with NCY page if you’re playing Wordle-like games or use the New York Times Wordle Solver for finding the NYT Wordle daily answer.

15 Letter Words
superefficiency34 pseudopregnancy32 nonbelligerency30 encyclopaedists29 countertendency28 interdependency28 superintendency28 nontransparency27 ancylostomiases25 ancylostomiasis25
14 Letter Words
multifrequency38 eigenfrequency36 radiofrequency34 squinancyworts34 underoccupancy33 cryptocurrency32 encyclopaedism31 encyclopedisms31 phencyclidines31 insignificancy30 electrovalency29 correspondency28 encyclopaedias28 encyclopaedist28 encyclopedists28
13 Letter Words
gyrofrequency36 squinancywort33 encyclopaedic30 encyclopedism30 insufficiency30 phencyclidine30 inconveniency29 multicurrency28 discriminancy27 encyclopaedia27 encyclopedias27 encyclopedist27 postemergency27 preponderancy27 pancytopenias26 recalcitrancy26 transcendency25 inconsistency24 intermittency23 intransigency23
12 Letter Words
extravagancy31 preoccupancy31 inexpediency30 encyclopedic29 scapulimancy29 concomitancy28 impermanency28 incompetency28 inefficiency28 multivalency28 codependency27 precipitancy27 significancy27 encyclopedia26 indifferency26 predominancy26 subserviency26 belligerency25 impertinency25 independency25
11 Letter Words
equivalency32 infrequency31 complacency30 delinquency30 excrescency30 flamboyancy29 bibliomancy27 convergency27 sufficiency27 conveniency26 noncyclical26 proficiency26 rhabdomancy26 uncynically26 vicegerency26 accountancy25 chieftaincy25 concurrency25 conservancy25 conversancy25
10 Letter Words
subjacency32 expectancy29 excellency28 expediency27 incumbency27 compliancy26 fancyworks26 oppugnancy26 recumbency26 sycophancy26 chaplaincy25 competency25 efficiency25 chiromancy24 corpulency24 encyclical24 hydromancy24 inclemency24 mendicancy24 benignancy23
9 Letter Words
adjacency28 frequency28 adjutancy26 fancywork25 flippancy25 occupancy25 exultancy24 affluency23 covalency23 noncyclic23 pyromancy23 encyclics22 immanency22 imminency22 plangency22 appetency21 captaincy21 divalency21 flagrancy21 impotency21
8 Letter Words
piquancy27 sequency24 exigency23 peccancy23 clemency21 encyclic21 fervency21 lambency21 pungency21 unchancy21 vibrancy21 buoyancy20 fancying20 rampancy20 unbouncy20 vagrancy20 abeyancy19 coagency19 deviancy19 geomancy19
7 Letter Words
vacancy20 cogency18 flouncy18 fluency18 lucency18 pudency18 unfancy18 valency18 cadency17 decency17 infancy17 pliancy17 patency16 potency16 recency16 urgency16 regency15 unsoncy15 ardency14 latency14
6 Letter Words
jouncy22 chancy17 bouncy16 agency14 encyst12
5 Letter Words
zincy20 fancy14 mincy14 poncy14 nancy12