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linking verbs

Linking Verbs Examples & Rules in English

assonance worksheets, consonance worksheets, examples of assonance, examples of assonance

Assonance and Consonance Worksheets 5th Grade Reading & Writing

proper noun worksheets

Proper Nouns Worksheets for 3rd Graders

action verbs worksheets for kindergarten

Action Verb Worksheets For Kindergarten

suffix worksheets and prefix worksheets

2nd Grade Suffix & Prefix Worksheets

metaphors and similes worksheets

Metaphors and Similes Figurative Language Worksheets For 3rd Grade

modal verb worksheets

Modal Verbs Worksheets for 5th Grade

idiom worksheets for 4th and 5th grade

Idiom Worksheets for 4th & 5th Graders

declarative sentence

Declarative Sentence Examples - Digital Classroom

personification worksheets for 5th graders

Personification Worksheets: Figurative Language For 5th Graders

compound sentence

Compound Sentences and Examples for Grades 3-5

Figurative language

Figurative Language: Types and Examples - Literary Devices

First grade sight words

First Grade Sight Words - Improving Reading Fluency In Our Classrooms

adjectives that start with e

90+ Adjectives That Start With E

country codes directory

Test Yourself on These Country Codes & Country Abbreviations

US State traditional abbreviations, postal abbreviations

A-Z of the 50 US State Abbreviations & Codes

examples of adjectives that start with r, adjectives starting with r

Adjectives That Start With R - Reliable Word List

standard abbreviations

Standard Abbreviations For Months, Weekdays, & Timezones

Adjectives starting with h, adjectives that start with h

Adjectives That Start With H & How to Use Them!

adjectives that start with k word list

Adjectives That Start With K to Kickstart Your Vocabulary


What Is Irony? Irony Examples and More

reflexive pronouns

Reflexive Pronouns With Timesaver Paperless Test

Article examples

How to Use Articles in English Grammar Correctly

present continuous examples

Present Continuous with Timeaver Quiz and Flashcards

Preposition Examples

Prepositions Examples & Rules

past continuous tense worksheets

Past Continuous Tense Worksheets

onomatopoeia worksheets

Onomatopoeia Worksheets Grades 3-5

2nd grade sight word practice

Digital Classroom Activities For 2nd Grade Sight Words

Kindergarten reading comprehension worksheets level A

Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Leveled Worksheets - A

positive adjectives

Expressing Positivity Through Positive Adjectives

literary devices

Literary Devices to Elevate Your Writing in Grade 6+


Hyphen Punctuation - Let's Demystify Their Use

Present Perfect Tense Examples

Using The Present Perfect Tense ESL Rules and Examples

Reading comprehension

Reading Comprehension Strategies English Language Arts: K-6

Simple present tense title

Simple Present Tense For ELA

future perfect continuous definition and example

Using The Future Perfect Continuous Correctly

verbs starting with m

Verbs That Start With M - ELA Vocabulary

Words to say thank you and appreciation

Inspiring Appreciation Messages To Show Gratitude

comparative adjectives

Comparative Adjectives with Examples: A Timesaver Study Guide

Proper Adjectives

What are Proper Adjectives? Proper Adjectives Examples Guide