Words with CTR

A list of all CTR words with their Scrabble and Words with Friends points. You can also find a list of all words that start with CTR. Also commonly searched for are words that end in CTR. Try our five letter words with CTR page if you’re playing Wordle-like games or use the New York Times Wordle Solver for finding the NYT Wordle daily answer.

15 Letter Words
electrochemical31 electromyograph31 electrochromism30 electrodynamics29 electromyograms29 microelectronic29 pyroelectricity29 electromagnetic28 electrotechnics28 electrovalences28 magnetoelectric28 photoelectronic28 polyelectrolyte28 spectrographies28 electrochemists27 electrofishings27 electrokinetics27 electrophoretic27 electrowinnings27 spectroscopists27
14 Letter Words
electroplaques32 spectrographic30 electrochromic29 electrovalency29 electrodynamic28 electromyogram28 electroforming27 electrotechnic27 electrovalence27 bioelectricity26 dielectrically26 electrochemist26 electrofishing26 electrokinetic26 electronically26 electrowinning26 spectroscopies26 spectroscopist26 thermoelectric26 bioelectronics25
13 Letter Words
electrolyzing32 piezoelectric32 electroplaque31 electrolyzers29 electroplaxes28 spectrography28 spectroscopic28 electrophilic26 electroscopic26 electroshocks26 myoelectrical26 spectrographs26 electrotyping25 hydroelectric25 multispectral25 photoelectric25 spectrometric25 spectroscopes25 bioelectrical24 electrocuting24
12 Letter Words
electrolyzed29 electroplexy29 electrolyzer28 electrolyzes28 spectroscopy26 electroshock25 spectrograph25 electrifying24 pyroelectric24 spectroscope24 electrically23 spectrograms23 spectrometry23 benefactress22 electroforms22 electrogenic22 electrolytic22 electronvolt22 electrophile22 electroscope22
11 Letter Words
electrolyze27 electroplax26 electrojets24 myoelectric23 directrixes22 electroweak22 spectrogram22 bioelectric21 electroform21 preelectric21 conductress20 doctrinally20 electricity20 electrocyte20 electrofish20 electrogram20 electrology20 electrotype20 nonelectric20 dielectrics19
10 Letter Words
electrojet23 electropop20 spectrally20 dielectric18 electrical18 electronic18 directrice17 electroing17 victresses17 tractrices16 electrodes15 seductress15 directress14
9 Letter Words
directrix20 plectrums20 spectrums19 victrices19 electrify18 electrums17 plectrons17 ectropion16 electrics16 lectrices16 doctrinal15 rectrices15 tectrices15 trictracs15 doctrines14 electrode14 electroed14 electrons14 electress13 electrets13
8 Letter Words
plectrum19 spectrum18 tractrix18 electrum16 plectron16 electric15 lectrice15 spectral15 victress15 spectres14 trictrac14 actressy13 doctrine13 electron13 electret12 electros12 octrains12
7 Letter Words
victrix21 rectrix17 tectrix17 plectra14 spectra13 spectre13 electro11 octrain11 actress10 octrois10
6 Letter Words