Words with ELF

A list of all ELF words with their Scrabble and Words with Friends points. You can also find a list of all words that start with ELF. Also commonly searched for are words that end in ELF. Try our five letter words with ELF page if you’re playing Wordle-like games or use the New York Times Wordle Solver for finding the NYT Wordle daily answer.

15 Letter Words
unselfconscious29 unselfishnesses24
14 Letter Words
selfpublishing31 squirrelfishes30 selfpubliished29 mantelshelfing28 mantleshelfing28 selfpublishers28 selfsamenesses22 selflessnesses20
13 Letter Words
selfexamining31 selfpublished28 selfpublisher27 selfpublishes27 mantelshelfed25 mantleshelfed25 unselfishness22 selfishnesses20
12 Letter Words
squirrelfish28 selftracking26 selfdoubting24 mantelshelfs23 mantleshelfs23 damselfishes22 barrelfishes21 selfsameness20 selflessness18
11 Letter Words
jewelfishes29 selfpublish25 mantelshelf22 mantleshelf22 satchelfuls22 unselfishly22 distelfinks21 angelfishes20 damselflies20 antiwelfare19 selfishness18
10 Letter Words
funnelform23 shelfmarks23 bushelfuls22 shovelfuls22 satchelful21 shelflives21 damselfish20 distelfink20 welfarisms20 barrelfish19 barrelfuls19 delftwares18 selflessly18 welfarists17 selfnesses15
9 Letter Words
jewelfish27 bookshelf22 shelfmark22 bushelful21 shovelful21 twelfthly21 damselfly20 shelffuls20 shelflike20 heelflips19 shelflife19 welfarism19 angelfish18 barrelful18 selfishly18 delftware17 unselfish17 selfheals16 selfhoods16 selfmates16
8 Letter Words
elflocks20 shelfful19 heelflip18 elfishly17 shelfing17 themself17 twelfths17 belfried16 selfdoms16 selfward16 belfries15 selfheal15 selfhood15 selfmate15 selfsame15 welfares15 yourself15 selfless13 selfness13 telfered13
7 Letter Words
elflock19 elflike16 himself16 twelfth16 selfdom15 thyself15 selfing14 selfism14 shelfed14 welfare14 herself13 hisself13 nonself13 selfish13 oneself12 ourself12 telford12 selfies11 selfist11 telfers11
6 Letter Words
belfry15 myself15 skelfs14 meself13 elfish12 shelfs12 delfts11 elfins11 selfed11 itself10 selfie10 telfer10
5 Letter Words
skelf13 pelfs12 selfy11 shelf11 delfs10 delft10 elfin10 selfs9
4 Letter Words
pelf11 delf9 self8
3 Letter Words