Words with ENE

A list of all ENE words with their Scrabble and Words with Friends points. You can also find a list of all words that start with ENE. Also commonly searched for are words that end in ENE. Try our five letter words with ENE page if you’re playing Wordle-like games or use the New York Times Wordle Solver for finding the NYT Wordle daily answer.

15 Letter Words
splenectomizing38 rejuvenescences37 dichlorobenzene36 hexachlorophene36 benzanthracenes35 objectivenesses35 acquisitiveness33 commonplaceness33 exquisitenesses33 justifiableness33 overgeneralized33 picturesqueness33 conjugatenesses32 enjoyablenesses32 exclusivenesses32 inexcusableness32 inexpensiveness32 overgeneralizes32 pharmacogenetic32 unclimbableness32
14 Letter Words
rejuvenescence36 splenectomized35 subjectiveness35 benzanthracene34 chlorobenzenes34 splenectomizes34 inflexibleness31 overgeneralize31 biuniquenesses30 compulsiveness30 dinitrobenzene30 polypropylenes30 convulsiveness29 ethyleneglycol29 exhaustiveness29 expressiveness29 acceptableness28 comparableness28 compatibleness28 conclusiveness28
13 Letter Words
juvenescences35 methylbenzene35 propoxyphenes34 chlorobenzene33 objectiveness33 schizophrenes33 splenectomize33 benzoapyrenes32 ethylbenzenes32 rejuvenescent32 clinopyroxene31 exquisiteness31 genealogizing31 conjugateness30 enjoyableness30 exclusiveness30 generalizable30 excursiveness29 excusableness29 expansiveness29
12 Letter Words
juvenescence34 jejunenesses33 propoxyphene33 schizophrene32 benzoapyrene31 ethylbenzene31 biuniqueness28 genealogized28 generalizing28 oxyacetylene28 genealogizes27 nitrobenzene27 reenergizing27 benefactives26 beneficences26 beneficently26 beneficially26 opaquenesses26 phylogenetic26 venepuncture26
11 Letter Words
benzopyrene30 juvenescent30 brusqueness26 equableness26 genealogize26 obliqueness26 benefactive25 beneficence25 endenizened25 generalized25 sizableness25 benevolence24 bizarreness24 clomiphenes24 generalizer24 generalizes24 lansquenets24 reenergized24 splenectomy24 beneficiary23
10 Letter Words
azobenzene33 jejuneness31 quickeners28 phenelzine27 energizing25 opaqueness24 xenogeneic24 beneficing23 citizeness23 clomiphene23 generalize23 jocoseness23 lansquenet23 toxaphenes23 uniqueness23 blackeners22 bottleneck22 energizers22 fickleness22 hymeneally22
9 Letter Words
quickened28 quickener27 zymogenes26 bedizened24 chickened23 gazogenes23 henequens23 henequins23 zygotenes23 blackened22 denizened22 energized22 plumpened22 pyroxenes22 quenelles22 toxaphene22 benedicks21 blackener21 camphenes21 energizer21
8 Letter Words
zymogene25 benzenes22 brazened22 gazogene22 henequen22 henequin22 zygotene22 cozeners21 pyroxene21 quenelle21 benedick20 camphene20 energize20 squalene20 cymogene19 hyphened19 xanthene19 benefice18 convened18 happened18
7 Letter Words
benzene21 cozened21 wizened21 cozener20 dizened19 dozened19 queened19 xylenes18 benefic17 benempt17 convene16 cymenes16 frenemy16 subvene16 wakened16 havened15 wakener15 amylene14 benefit14 carbene14
6 Letter Words
xylene17 cymene15 cumene14 geneva13 venery13 achene12 alkene12 evened12 keened12 pyrene12 sphene12 akenes11 butene11 crenel11 energy11 evener11 gyrene11 keener11 ketene11 omened11
5 Letter Words
senex13 enemy11 akene10 skene10 benes9 enema9 penes9 renew9 scene9 agene8 genes8 genet8 denes7 diene7 lenes7 nenes7 senes6 tenet6
4 Letter Words
bene8 gene7 dene6 nene6 sene5