Words with EXI

A list of all EXI words with their Scrabble and Words with Friends points. You can also find a list of all words that start with EXI. Also commonly searched for are words that end in EXI. Try our five letter words with EXI page if you’re playing Wordle-like games or use the New York Times Wordle Solver for finding the NYT Wordle daily answer.

15 Letter Words
lexicalizations37 lexicographical37 lexicologically36 inflexibilities31 reflexivenesses31 lexicalisations28 existentialisms27 existentialists24
14 Letter Words
cycloheximides36 lexicalization36 vexillological34 hypercatalexis32 lexicographers32 lexicographies32 inflexibleness31 vexillologists30 lexicalisation27 exiguousnesses26 existentialism26 nonexistential25 existentialist23
13 Letter Words
complexifying38 cycloheximide35 lexicographic34 hyperpyrexias32 biconvexities31 inflexibility31 lexicographer31 lexicological31 chlorhexidine30 reflexibility30 reflexiveness29 vexillologies29 vexillologist29 flexibilities28 reflexivities28 disconnexions27 lexicologists27 preexistences27 dorsiflexions26 nonexistences26
12 Letter Words
lexicalizing36 complexified33 complexifies32 lexicography32 perplexingly32 complexional31 complexioned31 hyperpyrexia31 multiplexing31 vexillologic31 bulimarexics30 semiflexible30 complexities29 unnilhexiums29 genuflexions28 phytoalexins28 anorexically27 dorsiflexing27 lexicalising27 anorexigenic26
11 Letter Words
lexicalized33 lexicalizes32 biconvexity31 amplexicaul30 bulimarexic29 complexions29 reflexively29 vexillology29 cephalexins28 flexibility28 reflexivity28 unnilhexium28 genuflexion27 phytoalexin27 bulimarexia26 convexities26 irreflexive26 cataplexies25 coexistence25 connexional25
10 Letter Words
complexify32 lexicalize31 complexing30 complexity29 complexion28 inflexibly28 cephalexin27 perplexing27 inflexible26 lexicology26 perplexity26 coannexing25 reflexible25 reflexives25 apoplexies24 exiguously24 flexitimes24 lexicality24 nonlexical24 postexilic24
9 Letter Words
convexity26 plexiform26 duplexing25 cachexias24 cachexies24 duplexity24 lexically24 reflexive24 dyslexics23 flexility23 flexitime23 preexilic23 reflexing23 viropexis23 connexion22 deflexion22 delexical22 exigences22 exigently22 indexible22
8 Letter Words
cachexic26 flexibly25 vexillum25 vexingly25 cachexia23 exigency23 flexible23 dyslexic22 exigence21 exigible21 lexigram21 pyrexial21 vexillar21 annexing20 cathexis20 ektexine20 exiguity20 flexions20 indexing20 lexicons20
7 Letter Words
pyrexic22 flexing21 apexing20 vexilla20 flexile19 flexion19 lexical19 lexicon19 pyrexia19 exiling18 coexist17 exigent17 exiting17 prexies17 sexisms17 alexins16 exilian16 ulexite16 alexias15 existed15
6 Letter Words
vexing20 hexing18 vexils18 exilic17 lexica17 sexily16 sexing16 sexism16 alexin15 exiled15 alexia14 dexies14 exiles14 exines14 exited14 exists13 sexier13 sexist13
5 Letter Words
vexil17 exing15 dexie13 exile13 exine13 lexis13 exist12 exits12
4 Letter Words