Words with FER

A list of all FER words with their Scrabble and Words with Friends points. You can also find a list of all words that start with FER. Also commonly searched for are words that end in FER. Try our five letter words with FER page if you’re playing Wordle-like games or use the New York Times Wordle Solver for finding the NYT Wordle daily answer.

15 Letter Words
overfertilizing35 cholecalciferol32 videoconference31 circumferential30 pressconference29 splendiferously28 teleconferenced28 ferrimagnetisms27 ferromagnetisms27 indifferentisms27 interferogramme27 teleconferences27 vestimentiferan27 differentiating26 antiferromagnet25 ferromanganeses25 interferometric25 noninterference25 nontransferable25 preferabilities25
14 Letter Words
overfertilized32 circumferences31 effervescences31 effervescently31 overfertilizes31 defervescences29 candlesnuffers28 fertilizations28 ergocalciferol27 nonconferences27 differentiable26 differentially26 ferrimagnetism26 ferromagnetism26 indifferencies26 indifferentism26 sufferableness26 teleconference26 vociferousness26 foraminiferans25
13 Letter Words
circumference30 effervescence30 overfertilize30 defervescence28 hasenpfeffers28 candlesnuffer27 conferencings27 fertilization27 longsuffering27 undifferenced27 flameproofers26 nickeliferous26 nonconference26 umbelliferous26 unconferences26 ferrimagnetic25 ferromagnetic25 indifferences25 indifferently25 preferability25
12 Letter Words
fertilizable29 effervescing28 unfertilized28 hasenpfeffer27 pufferfishes27 conferencing26 defervescing26 differencing26 effervescent26 indifferency26 insufferably26 vociferously26 flameproofer25 unconference25 vociferating25 indifference24 insufferable24 conferrences23 counteroffer23 fermentative23
11 Letter Words
cockchafers29 fertilizing27 effervesced25 perfervidly25 effervesces24 fertilizers24 pilferproof24 conferenced23 defervesced23 differenced23 ferredoxins23 umbellifers23 calciferols22 calciferous22 conferences22 conferments22 conferrable22 conferrence22 cruciferous22 cupriferous22
10 Letter Words
cockchafer28 pufferfish25 aquiferous24 chaffering24 chamfering24 fertilized24 cofferdams23 effervesce23 fertilizer23 fertilizes23 sufferably23 unbuffered23 ferredoxin22 gauffering22 preferably22 proffering22 umbellifer22 calciferol21 chafferers21 conference21
9 Letter Words
buffering22 cofferdam22 fertilize22 chaffered21 chamfered21 chauffers21 coffering21 midwifery21 chafferer20 confervae20 confervas20 fernbrake20 fervently20 goffering20 perfervid20 crucifers19 differing19 gauffered19 niffering19 pilfering19
8 Letter Words
quaffers24 aquifers21 fervency21 chauffer20 bluffers19 buffered19 chaffers19 chamfers19 conferva19 fervidly19 whiffers19 coffered18 crucifer18 fermiums18 sclaffer18 chaufers17 cofferer17 feoffers17 fernlike17 ferryman17
7 Letter Words
quaffer23 zaffers22 aquifer20 chuffer19 puffery19 bluffer18 chaffer18 chamfer18 whiffer18 buffers17 fermium17 feroxes17 puffers17 chaufer16 coffers16 feoffer16 ferbams16 gauffer16 gruffer16 huffers16
6 Letter Words
zaffer21 buffer16 puffer16 coffer15 ferbam15 huffer15 chafer14 duffer14 fervid14 gaffer14 goffer14 knifer14 wafery14 confer13 differ13 doffer13 ferrum13 fervor13 naffer13 niffer13
5 Letter Words
ferox15 ferly11 fermi11 ferny11 fifer11 offer11 wafer11 ferry10 gofer10 defer9 feral9 ferns9 infer9 lifer9 feres8 feria8 refer8 rifer8 safer8
4 Letter Words
fern8 fere7
3 Letter Words