Words with GAL

A list of all GAL words with their Scrabble and Words with Friends points. You can also find a list of all words that start with GAL. Also commonly searched for are words that end in GAL. Try our five letter words with GAL page if you’re playing Wordle-like games or use the New York Times Wordle Solver for finding the NYT Wordle daily answer.

15 Letter Words
cytomegalovirus31 illegalizations30 egalitarianisms22 antiegalitarian20
14 Letter Words
galvanizations32 gallicizations31 illegalization29 megalomaniacal28 galanthophiles26 hepatomegalies25 legalistically25 megalopolitans25 splenomegalies25 galactosamines24 megalosauruses22 egalitarianism21 galactosidases21
13 Letter Words
galvanization31 conjugalities30 gallicization30 galvanoscopic30 extragalactic29 monophthongal28 centrifugally27 galvanometric27 galvanoscopes27 legalizations27 supergalaxies27 megaloblastic26 megalomaniacs26 protogalaxies26 galanthophile25 protogalactic25 galactagogues24 gallimaufries24 galvanometers24 megalopolitan24
12 Letter Words
chugalugging29 illegalizing29 mygalomorphs28 galvanically27 extralegally26 galvanoscope26 legalization26 corticifugal25 corticofugal25 galactically25 hepatomegaly25 megalomaniac25 metagalaxies25 splenomegaly25 acromegalics24 cardiomegaly24 galactosemic24 gallivanting24 metagalactic24 centrifugals23
11 Letter Words
galvanizing31 conjugality30 gallicizing30 galvanizers28 mygalomorph27 supergalaxy27 chugalugged26 illegalized26 protogalaxy26 cytomegalic25 illegalizes25 galliambics24 gallimaufry24 megalomanic24 viceregally24 acromegalic23 diphthongal23 centrifugal22 galavanting22 galivanting22
10 Letter Words
conjugally30 galvanized28 gallicized27 galvanizer27 galvanizes27 gallicizes26 legalizing26 galumphing25 metagalaxy25 illegalize24 febrifugal23 galliambic23 legalizers23 acromegaly21 extralegal21 gallimimus21 galvanisms21 megalithic21 pharyngals21 phascogale21
9 Letter Words
galvanize26 gallicize25 legalized23 galumphed22 legalizer22 legalizes22 chugalugs21 bungalows20 galbanums20 galvanism20 pharyngal20 vasovagal20 begalling19 gallicism19 gallingly19 galliwasp19 galloping19 viceregal19 agallochs18 brigalows18
8 Letter Words
conjugal25 jingalls22 legalize21 chugalug20 galumphs20 bungalow19 galbanum19 galvanic19 frugally18 galaxies18 agalloch17 brigalow17 galactic17 galloway17 gallying17 galoping17 megalops17 polygala17 windgall17 begalled16
7 Letter Words
syzygal23 jingall21 galjoen20 jingals20 galumph19 fugally17 galaxes17 gallfly17 vagally17 galyaks16 fungals15 gallium15 galyacs15 begalls14 galenic14 gallice14 galling14 gallops14 gallows14 galoped14
6 Letter Words
jingal19 galaxy18 galyak15 fungal14 galyac14 begall13 frugal13 gallic13 gallop13 plagal13 pongal13 galley12 galops12 gingal12 galago11 galahs11 galled11 gallon11 gallus11 galosh11
5 Letter Words
jugal18 galax15 fugal12 galvo12 vagal12 gally11 galop11 galah10 algal9 galls9 legal9 nogal9 rugal9 ugali9 agals8 argal8 galas8 galea8 gales8 galia8
4 Letter Words
gall8 agal7 egal7 gala7 gale7 gali7 gals7
3 Letter Words