Words with IDA

A list of all IDA words with their Scrabble and Words with Friends points. You can also find a list of all words that start with IDA. Also commonly searched for are words that end in IDA. Try our five letter words with IDA page if you’re playing Wordle-like games or use the New York Times Wordle Solver for finding the NYT Wordle daily answer.

15 Letter Words
hyperlipidaemic33 hyperlipidaemia30 methylphenidate30 nitroimidazoles30 hexosaminidases29 photooxidations29 trichomonacidal29 aminopeptidases26 formidabilities26 noninsecticidal26 disaccharidases25 nonintimidating25 nonconsolidated24 reconsolidating24 reconsolidation22
14 Letter Words
benzimidazoles41 mithridatizing32 extrapyramidal31 photooxidative31 metronidazoles29 nitroimidazole29 bactericidally28 hexosaminidase28 photooxidation28 unavoidability27 undecidability27 feldspathoidal26 formidableness26 hydrocolloidal26 insecticidally26 subarachnoidal26 aminopeptidase25 intimidatingly25 noncandidacies25 disaccharidase24
13 Letter Words
benzimidazole40 hypocycloidal31 mithridatized29 metronidazole28 mithridatizes28 exopeptidases27 molluscicidal27 spermicidally27 formidability26 holidaymakers26 hyperboloidal26 primigravidae26 thioridazines26 multigravidae25 encapsidating24 autoxidations23 glucuronidase23 consolidating22 crystalloidal22 encapsidation22
12 Letter Words
liquidambars30 fungicidally27 mithridatize27 unliquidated27 conchoidally26 epicycloidal26 exopeptidase26 subdividable26 herbicidally25 holidaymaker25 liquidations25 noncandidacy25 primigravida25 thioridazine25 didactically24 epoxidations24 multigravida24 amygdaloidal23 antidandruff23 bactericidal23
11 Letter Words
liquidambar29 liquidating26 oxidatively26 trapezoidal25 bipyramidal24 homicidally24 liquidation24 pyramidally24 unavoidably24 epoxidation23 liquidators23 niridazoles23 chancroidal22 didacticism22 loculicidal22 misguidance22 peroxidases22 spermicidal22 unavoidable22 undecidable22
10 Letter Words
imidazoles24 chowkidars23 formidably23 liquidated23 uxoricidal23 fungicidal22 liquidates22 liquidator22 niridazole22 affidavits21 conchoidal21 formidable21 peroxidase21 enokidakes20 germicidal20 herbicidal20 lambdoidal20 larvicidal20 mridangams20 rhomboidal20
9 Letter Words
faujidars23 imidazole23 chowkidar22 rhizoidal22 liquidate21 oxidative21 affidavit20 avoidably20 candidacy20 cycloidal20 oxidating20 chokidars19 cichlidae19 dividable19 enokidake19 fluidally19 homicidal19 hypnoidal19 mridangam19 pellucida19
8 Letter Words
faujidar22 jemidars21 oxidable20 oxidasic19 queridas19 zenaidas19 chokidar18 cuboidal17 cuspidal17 fucoidal17 mucoidal17 ovicidal17 oxidants17 oxidated17 voidable17 voidance17 abidance16 baidarka16 bidarkas16 bidarkee16
7 Letter Words
jemidar20 querida18 zenaida18 zooidal18 oxidant16 bidarka15 oppidan15 oxidase15 oxidate15 whidahs15 fluidal14 gravida14 hidable14 yidakis14 candida13 hidalgo13 holiday13 hyoidal13 ovoidal13 apsidal12
6 Letter Words
whidah14 bifida13 oppida13 yidaki13 lucida12 bridal11 didact11 maidan11 midair10 alidad9 lidars8
5 Letter Words
cnida10 nidal8 lidar7 tidal7 sidas6
4 Letter Words
aida5 sida5