Words with ITA

A list of all ITA words with their Scrabble and Words with Friends points. You can also find a list of all words that start with ITA. Also commonly searched for are words that end in ITA. Try our five letter words with ITA page if you’re playing Wordle-like games or use the New York Times Wordle Solver for finding the NYT Wordle daily answer.

15 Letter Words
overcapitalized36 cosmopolitanize35 overcapitalizes35 undercapitalize34 nonhospitalized33 rehospitalizing33 ubiquitarianism33 capitalizations32 nonexploitative32 nonquantitative32 blaxploitations31 hospitalization31 majoritarianism31 photoexcitation31 coprecipitating30 equalitarianism30 equitablenesses30 excitablenesses30 revitalizations30 cosmopolitanism29
14 Letter Words
hyperexcitable35 overcapitalize34 recapitalizing33 exploitatively32 quantitatively32 unexcitability32 capitalization31 demilitarizing31 inexcitability31 blaxploitation30 devitalization30 rehospitalized30 remilitarizing30 cucurbitaceous29 rehospitalizes29 revitalization29 digitalization28 equitabilities28 excitabilities28 extramaritally28
13 Letter Words
uncapitalized32 hospitalizing31 overexcitable31 qualitatively31 recapitalized30 hexobarbitals29 recapitalizes29 demilitarized28 equitableness28 excitableness28 rehospitalize28 ubiquitarians28 vitalizations28 concomitances27 concomitantly27 demilitarizes27 italicization27 remilitarized27 excogitations26 hypopituitary26
12 Letter Words
vitaminizing32 capitalizing31 devitalizing30 revitalizing29 concomitancy28 digitalizing28 equitability28 excitability28 excogitative28 hexobarbital28 hospitalized28 militarizing28 recapitalize28 excogitating27 exploitative27 hospitalizes27 precipitancy27 quantitative27 ubiquitarian27 vitalization27
11 Letter Words
vitaminized29 capitalized28 inequitably28 vitaminizes28 zalcitabine28 capitalizes27 devitalized27 italicizing27 unexcitable27 devitalizes26 exploitable26 hospitalize26 inequitable26 inexcitable26 qualitative26 revitalized26 digitalized25 epitaxially25 exorbitance25 militarized25
10 Letter Words
vitalizing27 vitaminize27 capitalize26 devitalize25 excitative24 italicized24 manzanitas24 revitalize24 digitalize23 italicizes23 militarize23 excitatory22 excogitate22 profitably22 charitably21 equitation21 excitation21 exorbitant21 hospitably21 inevitably21
9 Letter Words
equitably25 excitably25 vitamizer25 vitalized24 equitable23 excitable23 manzanita23 vitalizes23 italicize22 epitaphic20 epitaxial20 excitants20 habitably20 habitancy20 requitals20 bicipital19 capitally19 epitaxies19 militancy19 occipital19
8 Letter Words
vitalize22 epitaxic21 equitant19 excitant19 requital19 cavitary17 occipita17 pulpital17 epitaphs16 evitable16 summital16 vitalism16 vitamine16 vitamins16 barbital15 capitals15 capitano15 cavitate15 coitally15 imitable15
7 Letter Words
epitaxy19 fajitas19 antitax15 cubital15 epitaph15 vitally15 vitamin15 bitable14 capital14 citable14 comital14 vitamer14 chitals13 copitas13 habitan13 invital13 pitapat13 shitake13 citadel12 habitat12
6 Letter Words
fajita18 kitabs13 capita12 chital12 copita12 pepita12 vitals11 bonita10 coital10 italic10 keitai10 litany10 spital10 witans10 amrita9 casita9 gitana9 gitano9 guitar9 gaitas8
5 Letter Words
kitab12 vital10 vitae9 vitas9 witan9 pitas8 agita7 gaita7 nital7 ditas6 litai6 litas6 titan6 raita5 sitar5
4 Letter Words
vita8 pita7 dita5 ital5