Words with LMI

A list of all LMI words with their Scrabble and Words with Friends points. You can also find a list of all words that start with LMI. Also commonly searched for are words that end in LMI. Try our five letter words with LMI page if you’re playing Wordle-like games or use the New York Times Wordle Solver for finding the NYT Wordle daily answer.

15 Letter Words
platyhelminthic33 helminthologies27 helminthologist27 schoolmistressy26
14 Letter Words
overwhelmingly33 xerophthalmias32 qualmishnesses31 platyhelminths29 anthelminthics27 almightinesses23 schoolmistress23
13 Letter Words
xerophthalmic34 xerophthalmia31 platyhelminth28 underwhelming28 helminthology27 anthelminthic26 aschelminthes25 anthelmintics24 helminthiases22 helminthiasis22
12 Letter Words
exophthalmic33 exophthalmia30 qualmishness29 microfilming28 overwhelming28 solmizations26 aschelminths24 anthelmintic23 ophthalmitis23 culminations22 fulminations22 almightiness21
11 Letter Words
facepalming27 solmizating27 solmization25 aschelminth23 culminating23 fulminating23 ophthalmias22 culmination21 fulmination21 balminesses19 filminesses19 palmistries18 solmisating18 solmisation16
10 Letter Words
qualmishly29 filmically24 ophthalmic24 solmizated24 solmizates23 helminthic22 ophthalmia21 culminated20 dishelming20 fulminated20 culminates19 fulminates19 palmitates17 solmisated15 solmisates14
9 Letter Words
qualmiest23 becalming22 embalming22 imbalming22 solmizate22 fulmining21 napalming20 unhelming20 culminant19 fulminant19 refilming19 culminate18 fulminate18 helminths18 palmistry18 balminess17 filminess17 palmitins17 haulmiest16 palmitate16
8 Letter Words
qualmish24 qualmier22 fulminic20 whelming20 almighty18 coalmice18 fulmined18 holmiums18 palmitic18 psalming18 fulmines17 helminth17 palmitin16 balmiest15 filmiest15 haulmier15 malmiest15 palmiers15 palmiest15 palmists15
7 Letter Words
culming18 balmily17 calming17 filmily17 filming17 holmium17 palming17 psalmic17 culmina16 fulmine16 helming16 kalmias15 balmier14 filmier14 malmier14 palmier14 palmist14 almirah13 elmiest11
6 Letter Words
filmic16 holmic15 kalmia14 elmier10 salmis10
5 Letter Words
filmi12 salmi9