Words that Start with ANTI

Words that begin with ANTI are commonly used for word games like Scrabble and Words with Friends. This list will help you to find the top scoring words to beat the opponent. You can also find a list of all words that end in ANTI and words with ANTI. Try our five letter words starting with ANTI page if you’re playing Wordle-like games or use the New York Times Wordle Solver for finding the NYT Wordle daily answer.

15 Letter Words
anticlimactical30 anticonvulsives30 antiquarianisms30 anticompetitive29 antidevelopment29 antimonarchical29 antipornography29 antiarrhythmics28 anticholinergic28 antishoplifting28 antispeculative28 antisubversives28 antivivisection28 anticlericalism27 anticonvulsants27 antilogarithmic27 antisyphilitics27 antialcoholisms26 anticapitalisms26 anticarcinogens26
14 Letter Words
anticommunisms29 anticonvulsive29 antihomosexual29 antiquarianism29 anticommercial28 antipsychotics28 antiarrhythmic27 antisubversive27 anticommunists26 anticonvulsant26 antidromically26 antigovernment26 antiinfectives26 antiphlogistic26 antireflective26 antisyphilitic26 antitechnology26 antialcoholism25 antibiotically25 anticapitalism25
13 Letter Words
antiblackisms28 anticlockwise28 anticommunism28 antimarijuana28 anticlimactic27 antipsychotic27 antirejection27 antismuggling26 anticommunist25 antiinfective25 antisexuality25 antisymmetric25 antiacademics24 anticipatable24 antiepileptic24 antifeminisms24 antigenically24 antihumanisms24 antimetabolic24 antimicrobial24
12 Letter Words
antikickback34 antiblackism27 anticlimaxes27 antibacklash26 anticyclonic26 antimosquito26 antigambling25 antileukemic25 antilynching25 antiozonants24 antipoaching24 antiquarians24 antiquations24 antiacademic23 anticipative23 anticyclones23 antidandruff23 antieconomic23 antifeminism23 antihumanism23
11 Letter Words
antijamming30 antiquating25 antifreezes24 antidumping23 antiozonant23 antiquarian23 antiquation23 antianxiety22 anticyclone22 antifogging22 antiquaries22 antiquities22 antiseizure22 antismoking22 antifascism21 antifoaming21 antioxidant21 antipoverty21 antitobacco21 antitypical21
10 Letter Words
antihijack29 anticlimax25 antiplaque25 antiquarks25 antifreeze23 antiknocks23 antichurch22 antiquated22 anticaking21 antiquates21 antiauxins20 antifamily20 antimycins20 antisexual20 antichoice19 antifungal19 antipathic19 antipiracy19 antitoxins19 antivenoms19
9 Letter Words
antiquark24 antiquing23 antiknock22 antiquary22 antiquity22 antiblack21 anticking20 anticrack20 antiquate20 antiquers20 antitoxic20 antiauxin19 antimycin19 antishock19 antimacho18 antiphony18 antipyics18 antitoxin18 antivenom18 antically17
8 Letter Words
antiqued20 antiquer19 antiques19 anticked17 antilock17 antipyic17 antiking16 antimask16 antirock16 antibody15 antifoam15 antimony15 antinomy15 antinuke15 antiphon15 antipope15 anticity14 anticold14 anticult14 antileak14
7 Letter Words
antijam20 antique18 anticks15 antisex15 antitax15 antibug14 anticly14 antiflu13 antifur12 antigay12 antigun12 antiman12 anticar11 antifat11 antigen11 antilog11 antings11 antipot11 antiwar11 antisag10
6 Letter Words
antick14 antics10 anting10 antiar7
5 Letter Words
antic9 antis6
4 Letter Words