Words with PLE

A list of all PLE words with their Scrabble and Words with Friends points. You can also find a list of all words that start with PLE. Also commonly searched for are words that end in PLE. Try our five letter words with PLE page if you’re playing Wordle-like games or use the New York Times Wordle Solver for finding the NYT Wordle daily answer.

15 Letter Words
complementizers38 splenectomizing38 ophthalmoplegic35 plethysmography35 counterexamples34 plethysmographs33 complementarily32 ophthalmoplegia32 complementarity31 splanchnopleure31 complementation30 supplementarily30 complementaries29 complementisers29 manysplendoured29 pleuropneumonia29 splendiferously28 supplementation28 implementations27 steeplechasings27
14 Letter Words
complementizer37 splenectomized35 splenectomizes34 counterexample33 plethysmograph32 apoplectically31 demultiplexers31 plethysmograms30 simplemindedly30 supplementally30 heteroduplexes29 complementiser28 congresspeople27 draughtspeople27 businesspeople26 implementation26 incompleteness26 pleonastically26 steeplechasing26 completenesses25
13 Letter Words
complexifying38 quadriplegics33 splenectomize33 complexations31 complexnesses31 complementing30 demultiplexer30 halfcompleted30 quadriplegias30 complementary29 plethysmogram29 incompletable28 pleomorphisms28 supplementing28 supplementary27 unimplemented27 discipleships26 supplementals26 thermocouples26 incompletions25
12 Letter Words
hypercomplex36 quadraplexes34 quadriplexes34 complexified33 complexifies32 perplexingly32 quadriplegic32 steeplejacks32 complexional31 complexioned31 multiplexing31 complexation30 complexities29 electroplexy29 quadriplegia29 googolplexes28 multiplexers28 multiplexors28 complemental27 complemented27
11 Letter Words
supplejacks35 overcomplex32 steeplejack31 uncomplexed31 amplexicaul30 complexions29 complexness29 perplexedly29 multiplexed28 complecting27 multiplexer27 multiplexes27 multiplexor27 quadruplets27 quintuplets27 frankpledge26 pleomorphic26 cataplexies25 complements25 completives25
10 Letter Words
supplejack34 applejacks33 complexify32 quadplexes32 quadraplex32 quadriplex32 complexing30 complexity29 noncomplex29 complexion28 complexest27 perplexing27 quadrupled27 quintupled27 unexampled27 champleves26 googolplex26 perplexity26 quadruples26 quadruplet26
9 Letter Words
applejack32 complexly29 complexed27 complexer26 complexes26 plexiform26 cataplexy25 champleve25 duplexing25 multiplex25 quadruple25 quintuple25 duplexity24 expletive24 perplexed24 bakeapple23 bepimpled23 metroplex23 perplexes23 simplexes23
8 Letter Words
quadplex30 apoplexy24 amplexus23 cineplex23 exampled23 fourplex23 octuplex23 duplexed22 examples22 exciples22 bepimple21 complect21 duplexer21 duplexes21 crumpled20 diplexer20 mayapple20 plexuses20 sextuple20 bedimple19
7 Letter Words
complex24 example21 exciple21 perplex21 simplex21 zipless20 crumple18 pimpled18 plexors18 poppled18 triplex18 wimpled18 coupley17 crimple17 cripple17 fipples17 hoppled17 pimples17 popples17 replevy17
6 Letter Words
duplex19 diplex18 plebby18 plexal18 plexus18 plexor17 fipple16 pimple16 plench16 popple16 wimple16 appley15 hopple15 pleach15 plenum15 couple14 dapple14 dimple14 nipple14 purple14
5 Letter Words
ample12 apple12 maple12 plebe12 plebs12 plews12 duple11 plead10 plein10 plena10 pleno10 tuple10 pleas9 pleat9
4 Letter Words
plex15 pleb11 plew11 pled9 plea8