Words with SCI

A list of all SCI words with their Scrabble and Words with Friends points. You can also find a list of all words that start with SCI. Also commonly searched for are words that end in SCI. Try our five letter words with SCI page if you’re playing Wordle-like games or use the New York Times Wordle Solver for finding the NYT Wordle daily answer.

15 Letter Words
indisciplinable29 multidiscipline29 unselfconscious29 immiscibilities28 conscientiously27 neuroscientific27 oscillographies27 pisciculturists27 scintillatingly27 unconsciousness26 disciplinarians25 disciplinations25 consciousnesses24 pseudoscientist24 scintillometers24 irasciblenesses23 neuroscientists21
14 Letter Words
disciplinizing35 phosphorescing30 unconscionably30 hyperconscious29 oscillographic29 subconsciously29 circumscissile28 preconsciously28 scientifically28 unconscionable28 subdisciplines27 conscienceless26 disciplinarily26 fasciculations26 pisciculturist26 pseudosciences26 subconsciouses26 superconscious26 antiscientific25 disciplinarity25
13 Letter Words
disciplinized32 concupiscible31 disciplinizes31 immiscibility28 molluscicidal27 oscillography27 oscilloscopic27 scintigraphic27 bioscientific26 discipleships26 disciplinable26 fascinatingly26 fascistically26 molluscicides26 piscicultural26 prescientific26 subdiscipline26 unconsciously26 fasciculation25 nonscientific25
12 Letter Words
deliquescing30 disciplinize30 effervescing28 convalescing27 defervescing26 fascicularly26 discipleship25 efflorescing25 molluscicide25 sciagraphing25 scintigraphy25 conscionable24 disciplining24 fasciculated24 incandescing24 lasciviously24 oscillograph24 pisciculture24 plebiscitary24 subconscious24
11 Letter Words
acquiescing30 scientizing27 cognoscible24 sciagraphic24 luminescing23 miscibility23 consciences22 consciously22 detumescing22 disciplings22 fasciculate22 fluorescing22 intumescing22 omniscience22 piscivorous22 prescinding22 putrescible22 sciagraphed22 subsciences22 antifascism21
10 Letter Words
exscinding25 immiscibly25 scientized24 crescively23 immiscible23 scientizes23 fasciculus22 sciagraphy22 conscience21 discipling21 evanescing21 fascicular21 fascicules21 subscience21 bioscience20 coalescing20 neofascism20 opalescing20 piscivores20 plebiscite20
9 Letter Words
exscinded22 sciamachy22 scientize22 disciplic20 fascicled20 fascicule20 fasciculi20 disciform19 fascicles19 piscivore19 sciagraph19 viscidity19 abscising18 dehiscing18 discipled18 fascistic18 irascibly18 misciting18 proboscis18 sciroccos18
8 Letter Words
exscinds20 muscimol19 viscidly19 crescive18 fascicle18 miscible18 abscisic17 fascisms17 inviscid17 scirocco17 ascidium16 disciple16 hyoscine16 lemnisci16 piscinal16 prescind16 sciagram16 scincoid16 abscised15 abscisin15
7 Letter Words
exscind19 fascism16 muscids15 discing14 fascial14 fascine14 menisci14 piscina14 piscine14 science14 abscise13 ascitic13 episcia13 fasciae13 fascias13 fascist13 miscite13 sciatic13 rescind12 scillas12
6 Letter Words
muscid14 viscid14 fascia12 piscis12 scilla11 oscine10 scions10
5 Letter Words
scifi11 disci9 scion9 scire8
4 Letter Words