Words with BIC

A list of all BIC words with their Scrabble and Words with Friends points. You can also find a list of all words that start with BIC. Also commonly searched for are words that end in BIC. Try our five letter words with BIC page if you’re playing Wordle-like games or use the New York Times Wordle Solver for finding the NYT Wordle daily answer.

15 Letter Words
dithyrambically33 hendecasyllabic32 claustrophobics31 monosyllabicity31
14 Letter Words
xenophobically37 computerphobic35 hydrophobicity32 arabicizations30 claustrophobic30 biculturalisms27 syllabications25 biconditionals24
13 Letter Words
biconvexities31 arachnophobic30 arabicization29 multisyllabic28 biconcavities27 decasyllabics27 bicameralisms26 biculturalism26 octosyllabics26 syllabicating26 anaerobically24 daunorubicins24 syllabication24 bicentennials23 biconditional23 rubicundities23 syllabicities23 tetrasyllabic23 bicentenaries21
12 Letter Words
cyberphobics31 technophobic29 cherubically28 doxorubicins28 polysyllabic28 decasyllabic26 monosyllabic26 syllabically26 agoraphobics25 bicameralism25 herbicidally25 octosyllabic25 orthorhombic25 suborbicular24 daunorubicin23 syllabicated23 bicarbonates22 bicentennial22 orbicularity22 syllabicates22
11 Letter Words
coxcombical34 biconvexity31 cyberphobic30 arabicizing29 aerobicized27 biconcavity27 doxorubicin27 hydrophobic27 photophobic27 bicomponent25 dithyrambic25 acerbically24 agoraphobic24 bicephalous24 galliambics24 bichromated23 nonsyllabic23 rubicundity23 syllabicity23 alembicated22
10 Letter Words
xenophobic29 aquarobics26 arabicized26 gynophobic26 homophobic26 arabicizes25 choliambic25 acrophobic24 choriambic24 galliambic23 bicyclists22 bichromate21 corbiculae21 disyllabic21 rubiconing21 verbicides21 bicultural20 cubicities20 herbicidal20 bicoloured19
9 Letter Words
cubiculum25 arabicize24 bicycling24 biconcave23 coulombic23 cubically23 lyophobic23 bickering22 bicyclers21 bicyclist21 neophobic21 bicuspids20 corbicula20 verbicide20 barbicans19 barbicels19 bicameral19 bicipital19 bickerers19 syllabics19
8 Letter Words
biconvex26 bicyclic23 columbic22 subpubic22 bicycled21 bicycler20 bicycles20 cherubic20 cubicity20 cubicula20 microbic20 babiches19 bichrome19 bickered19 bicuspid19 cannabic19 cubicles19 alembics18 barbican18 barbicel18
7 Letter Words
plumbic21 cubicly20 bicycle19 babiche18 cubical18 cubicle18 ephebic18 phobics18 rhombic18 alembic17 bickers17 bickies17 acerbic16 amoebic16 bicarbs16 iambics16 bichirs15 rubicon15 bicolor14 bicorne14
6 Letter Words
phobic17 bicker16 cubics16 limbic16 amebic15 bicarb15 biceps15 bichon15 iambic15 bichir14 bicorn13 bicron13 niobic13 sabicu13 arabic12 ibices12 sorbic12 terbic12
5 Letter Words
bicky17 cubic15 pubic15 bicep14 bices11 rabic11
4 Letter Words