Words with CAS

A list of all CAS words with their Scrabble and Words with Friends points. You can also find a list of all words that start with CAS. Also commonly searched for are words that end in CAS. Try our five letter words with CAS page if you’re playing Wordle-like games or use the New York Times Wordle Solver for finding the NYT Wordle daily answer.

15 Letter Words
hendecasyllabic32 decasualization31 hendecasyllable30
14 Letter Words
dimorphothecas28 narrowcastings24 rebroadcasting24 microcassettes23 sportscastings23 videocassettes22 weathercasters22 rebroadcasters21 audiocassettes19
13 Letter Words
casualization28 decasyllabics27 bancassurance25 decasyllables25 casuistically24 occasionalism24 narrowcasting23 occasionality23 sarcastically23 microcassette22 nonbroadcasts22 sportscasting22 rebroadcasted21 videocassette21 weathercaster21 antimacassars20 castabilities20 narrowcasters20 rebroadcaster20 castellations19
12 Letter Words
cybercasting26 decasyllabic26 saltimboccas25 bibliothecas24 decasyllable24 multicasting23 occasionally23 roughcasting23 simulcasting23 spermathecas23 videocasting23 broadcasting22 forecastable22 overcastings22 fricasseeing21 nonbroadcast21 suitcasefuls21 undercasting21 bancassurers20 casehardened20
11 Letter Words
casualizing28 backcasting27 chachalacas25 uppercasing24 sarcococcas23 pencilcases22 pillowcases22 podcastable22 typecasting22 basketcases21 caseworkers21 encashments21 lifecasting21 lowercasing21 occasioning21 overcasting21 surfcasting21 asarabaccas20 baitcasting20 castability20
10 Letter Words
casualized25 casualizes24 casevacing23 webcasting22 crankcases21 cybercasts21 downcasing21 pencilcase21 pillowcase21 showcasing21 uppercased21 vodcasting21 watchcases21 basketcase20 caseworker20 encashable20 encashment20 podcasting20 uppercases20 briefcases19
9 Letter Words
japonicas25 majolicas25 cashboxes24 casualize23 backcasts22 cashbooks21 cashflows21 casefying20 casevaced20 cassocked20 crankcase20 cybercast20 watchcase20 bookcases19 cascabels19 cascables19 cascading19 casebooks19 caseworks19 casketing19
8 Letter Words
cashback23 backcast21 cashbook20 cashflow20 cachacas19 cashcows19 feluccas19 bookcase18 cascabel18 cascable18 casebook18 casevacs18 casework18 cassocks18 malaccas18 moccasin18 sambucas18 uncasked18 upcasing18 caseworm17
7 Letter Words
cashbox22 casqued21 casques20 cashcow18 casevac17 casking17 cassock17 castoff16 cycasin16 offcast16 webcast16 casbahs15 cashaws15 cashews15 cashing15 cycases15 myricas15 upcased15 vodcast15 alpacas14
6 Letter Words
casque19 meccas15 yuccas15 casbah14 casefy14 cashaw14 cashew14 casked14 vincas14 casava13 casket13 cuecas13 fincas13 plicas13 upcase13 upcast13 abacas12 casaba12 caseic12 cashed12
5 Letter Words
casky14 cycas13 casks12 cacas11 cocas11 micas11 pacas11 picas11 yucas11 ecash10 cased9 casus9 incas9 casas8 cases8 caste8 casts8 orcas8
4 Letter Words
cask11 cash9 casa7 case7 cast7 ocas7