Words with REW

A list of all REW words with their Scrabble and Words with Friends points. You can also find a list of all words that start with REW. Also commonly searched for are words that end in REW. Try our five letter words with REW page if you’re playing Wordle-like games or use the New York Times Wordle Solver for finding the NYT Wordle daily answer.

14 Letter Words
microbreweries26 shrewishnesses22
13 Letter Words
microbrewings28 firewatchings27
12 Letter Words
corkscrewing28 microbrewing27 firewatching26 microbrewery26 brochureware24 microbrewers24 screwballers23 screwdrivers23 wherewithals23 bottlescrews22 forewarnings22 overstrewing22 ruptureworts20 shrewishness20 screwinesses19 shrewdnesses19
11 Letter Words
screwcapped27 prewrapping26 thumbscrews26 corkscrewed25 crewelworks25 firewalking25 flightcrews25 microbrewer23 farewelling22 firewalkers22 firewalling22 screwballer22 screwdriver22 wherewithal22 bottlescrew21 careworkers21 forewarning21 rewardingly21 brewmasters20 prewritings20
10 Letter Words
jackscrews32 thumbscrew25 crewelwork24 flightcrew24 corkscrews23 prewrapped23 homebrewed22 microbrews22 prewarming22 rewrapping22 screwworms22 beshrewing21 firewalker21 prewashing21 rewakening21 screwballs21 unscrewing21 werewolves21 careworker20 prewarning20
9 Letter Words
jackscrew31 crewnecks23 corkscrew22 microbrew21 screwcaps21 screwworm21 homebrews20 screwball20 screwlike20 brewskies19 downthrew19 fireworks19 forewoman19 forewomen19 prewarmed19 reweaving19 reworking19 rewrapped19 screwable19 screwbean19
8 Letter Words
crewneck22 brewpubs21 rewaxing21 screwcap20 homebrew19 brewskis18 crewcuts18 firework18 rewaking18 screwups18 werewolf18 wirework18 brewings17 crewmate17 fireworm17 forewing17 overgrew17 prewarms17 prewraps17 screwing17
7 Letter Words
brewpub20 rewaxed18 brewski17 crewcut17 crewman17 crewmen17 prework17 rewaxes17 screwup17 brewing16 crewing16 prewarm16 prewrap16 upthrew16 beshrew15 brewage15 brewery15 misgrew15 prewash15 rewaked15
6 Letter Words
upgrew15 screwy14 brewed13 crewed13 crewel13 rewake13 rewoke13 rework13 rewove13 brewer12 brewis12 prewar12 rewarm12 rewrap12 screws12 shrewd12 undrew12 andrew11 regrew11 rewash11
5 Letter Words
rewax15 krewe12 brews11 crews11 screw11 shrew10 threw10 rewan9 rewed9 rewin9 rewon9 rewet8 strew8 trews8
4 Letter Words
brew10 crew10 grew9 drew8