Words with NFO

A list of all NFO words with their Scrabble and Words with Friends points. You can also find a list of all words that start with NFO. Also commonly searched for are words that end in NFO. Try our five letter words with NFO page if you’re playing Wordle-like games or use the New York Times Wordle Solver for finding the NYT Wordle daily answer.

15 Letter Words
nonconformances31 uninformatively31 unforgivingness30 nonenforcements28 informationally27 informativeness27 nonconformities27 disconformities26 misinformations26 noninformations25 unfossiliferous25 disinformations24
14 Letter Words
conformability30 nonconformance30 nonconformisms29 bioinformatics27 enforceability27 nonenforcement27 conformational26 nonconformists26 nonforfeitable26 unconformities26 inconformities25 misinformation25 reinforcements25 geoinformation24 noninformation24 disinformation23 nonforfeitures23
13 Letter Words
unconformably31 unforgivingly30 confoundingly29 unconformable29 unforthcoming29 nonconforming28 nonconformism28 informatively27 nonconformity27 overinforming27 bioinformatic26 disconformity26 unenforceable26 unforgettably26 uninformative26 nonconformers25 nonconformist25 conformations24 reinforceable24 reinforcement24
12 Letter Words
unforgivably29 unconforming27 unforgivable27 conformances26 confoundedly26 infographics26 unconformity26 inconformity25 misinforming25 nonconformed25 unconfounded25 nonconformer24 overinformed24 conformation23 enforcements23 infomercials23 unformulated23 conformities22 unreinforced22 informedness21
11 Letter Words
conformably27 conformable25 conformally25 conformance25 infographic25 unforgiving25 conformisms24 confounding24 unfollowing24 nonconforms23 unfocussing23 unfoundedly23 enforceable22 enforcement22 infomaniacs22 infomercial22 informative22 millionfold22 misinformed22 overinforms22
10 Letter Words
womenfolks25 confocally24 conforming23 conformism23 conformity22 fanfolding22 nonconform22 pinfolding22 unfocusing22 unforcedly22 unforgiven22 confounded21 downforces21 elevenfold21 enforcedly21 infomaniac21 informally21 informedly21 overinform21 unfoldment21
9 Letter Words
womenfolk24 gunfought21 infodumps21 conformal20 conformed20 downforce20 planforms20 conformer19 confounds19 downfolds19 enforcing19 fanfolded19 infobahns19 informing19 misinform19 pinfolded19 sevenfold19 skinfolds19 unfocused19 unfolding19
8 Letter Words
kinfolks21 infodump20 menfolks20 townfolk20 confocal19 planform19 conforms18 confound18 downfold18 infobahn18 skinfold18 unfollow18 unforked18 unfought18 fanfolds17 infotech17 infought17 nonfocal17 pinfolds17 unforced17
7 Letter Words
kinfolk20 menfolk19 conform17 fanfold16 pinfold16 unfocus16 unfound15 enforce14 finfoot14 informs14 infowar14 unfolds14 enfolds13 infolds13 nonfood13 tenfold13 tinfoil12
6 Letter Words
inform13 unfold13 unfond13 enfold12 infold12
5 Letter Words
4 Letter Words