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Semicolon list

Semi-Colon Rules & Examples - Punctuation

positive words

Positive Words - Your Words are Powerful

punctuation and quotation marks

Punctuation Inside or Outside Quotation Marks?

Past continuous tense teaser

Past Continuous Tense: Definition, Rules & Examples


What is Allusion? With Examples - Flashcards & Teaching Tips

adjectives that start with a thumbnail

Adjectives That Start With A - Word List

collective nouns

Collective Nouns: Examples, Sentences And Rules

adjectives that start with s

Boost Your Vocab With Adjectives That Start With S

Imperatives sentence

30+ Imperative Sentence Examples: Definitions

rhetorical question

Rhetorical Question Examples

metaphor example

Metaphor Examples And Sentences - What Are Metaphors? 

Adjectives starting with T word list

Top-notch Adjectives That Start With T - Word Lists & Examples

common abbreviations, abbreviation list

Do You Know These Common English Abbreviations? 50+ Abbreviation List

Adjectives that start with n

100+ Adjectives Starting With N: Word List

Adjectives starting with M word list

Adjectives Starting With M - Describing Words You Need To Know

linking verbs

Linking Verbs Examples & Rules in English

declarative sentence

Declarative Sentence Examples - Digital Classroom

adjectives that start with e

90+ Adjectives That Start With E

US State traditional abbreviations, postal abbreviations

A-Z of the 50 US State Abbreviations & Codes

examples of adjectives that start with r, adjectives starting with r

Adjectives That Start With R - Reliable Word List

Adjectives starting with h, adjectives that start with h

Adjectives That Start With H & How to Use Them!

adjectives that start with k word list

Adjectives That Start With K to Kickstart Your Vocabulary


What Is Irony? Irony Examples and More

reflexive pronouns

Reflexive Pronouns With Timesaver Paperless Test

Article examples

How to Use Articles in English Grammar Correctly

present continuous examples

Present Continuous with Timeaver Quiz and Flashcards

Preposition Examples

Prepositions Examples & Rules

positive adjectives

Expressing Positivity Through Positive Adjectives

literary devices

Literary Devices to Elevate Your Writing in Grade 6+

Simple present tense title

Simple Present Tense For ELA

future perfect continuous definition and example

Using The Future Perfect Continuous Correctly

comparative adjectives

Comparative Adjectives with Examples: A Timesaver Study Guide

Proper Adjectives

What are Proper Adjectives? Proper Adjectives Examples Guide

brackets and parentheses

When to Use Brackets and Parentheses Examples

conjunction examples

Conjunctions & Conjunction Rules - Parts Of Speech

when to use apostrophe

Apostrophe (') | When To Use Them - Punctuation Explained

future perfect definition and example

What Is Future Perfect Tense? With Examples

Examples of point of view

Examples Of Different Points Of View: Literary Devices

Interrogative Pronouns

Using Interrogative Pronouns to Question Things

common nouns examples

Common Nouns in English With Examples