Words that Start with OV

Words that begin with OV are commonly used for word games like Scrabble and Words with Friends. This list will help you to find the top scoring words to beat the opponent. You can also find a list of all words that end in OV and words with OV. Try our five letter words starting with OV page if you’re playing Wordle-like games or use the New York Times Wordle Solver for finding the NYT Wordle daily answer.

15 Letter Words
overemphasizing39 overglamorizing37 overhomogenized37 overcapitalized36 overhomogenizes36 overspecialized36 overcapitalizes35 overdramatizing35 overfertilizing35 overspecializes35 overadjustments34 overcentralized34 oversimplifying34 ovoviviparously34 overcentralizes33 overcommunicate33 overcompliances33 overcomplicated33 overexpectation33 overextravagant33
14 Letter Words
overemphasized36 overemphasizes35 overhomogenize35 ovariectomized34 overcapitalize34 overglamorized34 overspecialize34 overadjustment33 overexplaining33 overglamorizes33 overorganizing33 overwhelmingly33 overcentralize32 overcompliance32 overdramatized32 overexcitement32 overexploiting32 overfertilized32 overidealizing32 overcommitment31
13 Letter Words
overcivilized35 overbejeweled34 overemphasize34 overanalyzing33 ovariectomize32 overexpanding32 overglamorize32 overpackaging32 overqualified32 overexcitable31 overutilizing31 overzealously31 overdramatize30 overexplained30 overfertilize30 overorganized30 oversupplying30 ovoviviparity30 overachieving29 overanxiously29
12 Letter Words
overequipped33 overanalyzed30 overclocking30 overexplicit30 overanalyzes29 overexacting29 overexciting29 overexpanded29 overexposing29 overpackaged29 overbrimming28 overcramming28 overcropping28 overexplains28 overorganize28 overpackages28 oversimplify28 overutilized28 overwhelming28 overwrapping28
11 Letter Words
overcomplex32 overprizing30 overgrazing29 overanalyze28 overpacking28 overpumping28 overclocked27 overexpands27 overexplain27 overpackage27 overclocker26 overdecking26 overdubbing26 overexcited26 overexploit26 overexposed26 overlocking26 overmilking26 overutilize26 overzealous26
10 Letter Words
overjoying28 overmixing27 overprized27 overchecks26 overexpand26 overglazes26 overgrazed26 overprizes26 ovenbaking25 overclocks25 overgrazes25 overpacked25 overpumped25 overbaking24 overexcite24 overexpose24 overhyping24 oversupply24 overtaxing24 ovalbumins23
9 Letter Words
overcheck25 overglaze25 overjoyed25 overprize25 overclock24 overgraze24 overmixed24 overexact23 overmixes23 overpacks23 overpumps23 oversized23 overzeals23 ovalbumin22 ovenbaked22 oversizes22 overvivid22 overwhelm22 ovenbakes21 overbaked21
8 Letter Words
overjoys23 overjust22 overpack22 overpump22 overzeal22 overmuch21 oversize21 ovenbake20 overdeck20 overlock20 overmilk20 overbake19 overblew19 overblow19 overbook19 overcook19 overdamp19 overflew19 overflow19 overhype19
7 Letter Words
overjoy22 overmix21 overlax19 overtax18 overbuy17 overfly17 overply17 oviform17 overbig16 overcoy16 overdub16 overpay16 oviduct16 overbed15 overbid15 overcut15 overfed15 overlap15 overman15 overmen15
6 Letter Words
ovally14 ovonic14 overly13 ovibos13 ovisac13 ovular12 ovules12 overdo11 overed11 ovines11 ovoids11 ovolos11 ovates10
5 Letter Words
ovary11 ovule11 ovals10 ovens10 ovine10 ovoid10 ovoli10 ovolo10 ovate9 overs9 overt9
4 Letter Words
ovum12 oval9 oven9 over8
3 Letter Words
ova7 ovo7